Social Anxiety – How To Overcome SAD

Social anxiety, or Agoraphobia, is a psychological disorder that occurs when the sufferer is exposed to uncomfortable social situations. The root cause for social anxiety varies from abuse as a child to post-traumatic stress disorder or even a bankruptcy.

The sufferer feels then very stressed and hopeless as he perceives any social interaction as a possible attacks against his self-worth. The physiological symptoms may be hyperventilating, trembling, diarrhea, lethargy or other. Psychological symptoms include low self-esteem, disorientation and obviously anxiety and/or panic.

The treatment for social anxiety is often very difficult because of the various root causes and it is often needed to book a few sessions with a psychiatrist so that he can find out more about what causes Agoraphobia. The practitioner may try hypnosis as a way to do so

Often times a treatment is difficult because it requires the patient to leave the familiar and talk to somebody about his problems. In severe cases just leaving the house may become a challenge in itself. It is hard to function normally if you suffer from Agoraphobia as human interaction are a very vital part of the daily life of a human being. Lack thereof leads to dis-functionality, depression and/or very limited abilities to earn money and provide for oneself and loved ones. If you are trying to get rid of social anxiety disorder there are several options for you that do not require to visit a psychiatrist. Note that they are not a substitute for professional advice and should be used with caution.  It should be noted that treatment of Agoraphobia is easier if a loved one may stand by you to provide emotional support. Do not feel ashamed to talk to other people about your condition as it will help you in your treatment.

The treatment varies from patient to patient as various severeness levels must be addressed differently in order to help the patient. What works for someone may not necessarily work for someone else. Keep this in mind when trying to cure your social anxiety. It is always best to talk to a professional about your symptoms as he usually knows best what you can do.

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